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54,500Btu/hr Space Warmer® Propane Heater

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Model No. LP55

• Many users have found the advantages of propane heaters far outweigh the small additional running costs.

• The fuel is more completely burned and does not leave an oily residue as experienced with paraffin heaters.

• There is no odour, except for the few seconds during start-up and the units run a little more quietly since they do not need a compressor to drive the fuel to the burner.

• Durable paint finish.

• Fan assisted, fitted with a piezoelectric ignition system for trouble-free starting and features a direct gas head assembly.

• Features safety solenoid preventing the unit from leaking gas without first being electrically started. • Supplied with an approved propane gas regulator and hose.

• Complies with all relevant CE and EN directives.

• Manufactured to BS EN 1596.

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Sold Out!

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Airflow: 300cfm
Fuel Consumption: 1.32kg/hr
Fuel: Propane
Heated Area: 9,500ft³(275m³)
Nett Weight: 6kg
Output: 54,500Btu/hr(16kW)
Supply: 230V