60mm Magnetic Drilling Machine 230V

£544.41 Excl. VAT

Model No. MAG60230V

  • Manufactured using high quality components for performance and reliability.
  • Made from heavy-duty die-cast magnesium alloy with a variable speed gearbox for greater accuracy.
  • Fitted with a powerful magnet to ensure unit stays adhered at any angle.
  • Includes safety fixing strap and integrated coolant system.
  • Can be used with a 16mm twist drill chuck.
  • Designed for use in fabrication, construction and other applications when drilling ferrous metal.

If you require Spare Parts for this product, Email us: Sales@rstools.co.uk


Magnet Adhesion: 15800N
Maximum Annular Cutter Capacity: 60mm
Maximum Cutter Depth: 50mm

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